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Mmorpg war

War MMORPGs provide group combat for players to wage guild wars, fight in arena PvP, conquer territory or engage in faction based realm vs realm combat. Click on the game name or download button from the above War MMORPG games to start playing today. Grigon Entertainment, the studio behind Seal Online, announced recently its new MMORPG title Canhel will start closed beta test on Feb. The War Z, Hammerpoint Interactive’s open world survival horror MMO, has now launched on Steam. Scramble war means players grouped in guilds, will join the battles which concurrently happen in the game world.

7, 2009 After stepping out of Cataclysm - the third expansion of the award-winning massively multiplayer online roleplaying game World of Warcraft and unveiling some changes and details of it, people have joined a new round of discussion.
21, 2009 As a MMO lover, you might have leafed through what are called "the Various Top 1 in history of MMORPG Part I and Part II" before.
16, 2009 Big surprise here, next gerneration MMORPG Tera, one of the most anticipated MMO in 2009, finally came to North America and released its TEASER SITE today! Canhel is sure to be another classical horror MMORPG following Grevity's Requiem: Bloodymare.
Bottom line is that these multiplayer online war RPG games let you experience overpowering nations and clans for the betterment of you and your allies.

After taking up the territory, the guild will enjoy the power governing or ruling the territory, and establishing tax rate and collecting taxes till the next scramble war starts.


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