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15 Мар. 2010 г.

Mmorpg top games

Ragnarok Online is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG renowned amongst gaming communities all over the world.
The top 3 free to play MMORPGs of 2012 based on our biased opinion and not any surveys or subscriber numbers. Forsaken World – for people who prefer a darker setting, Forsaken World is the best dark fantasy 3D MMORPG today.
Star Trek Online – a 3D sci-fi MMORPG based on the Star Trek, players start off on top right away as they take on the role of a Starfleet officer commanding his first crew and running his own spaceship on a mission to explore the far reaches of the Star Trek galaxy.
Uncharted Waters Online – a 3D fantasy MMORPG with incredibly deep gameplay, Uncharted Waters Online is unusual in that combat, exploration and trade are given equal weight in the game.
Updated July 2, 2012: Currently in the process of reviewing more MMO games to be added to this list.

After its recent conversion from a subscription-based model, Aion is still going strong and moving players over to update 3.0 which features epic new additions to the game like player housing. Set in a massive single shard universe, hundreds of thousands of players fight with and against each other in endless emergent gameplay.
Holding the crown for most popular MMORPG for many years now, interest is finally peaking again around the latest expansion pack. As a previously pay-to-play title, Ragnarok received critical acclaim and finally made the transition to a free fantasy MMORPG. Now, the developers are prepping the game for the release of the largest content update in a very long time, and this should make a lot of Ragnarok fans, both old and new, very happy. MMOGames has been actively covering TERA throughout beta and launch, be sure to check out our Early Game (Level 1-30) Review and Video Review.

Coming on May 22nd, EVE Online will receive another huge content update and some much wanted TLC so various other aspects of the game, making this an exciting title for May. This is a list of quirky, fun games that you might never have heard of but we think are worth playing. Many f2p MMO games were designed with an Asian fantasy theme so Forsaken World is a welcome departure from the norm.


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