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02 Ноя. 1998 г.

Aion mmorpg

If you haven’t heard of Aion, it will cut a unique swath into the MMO marketplace by offering a game in which flight is an intergral part of every aspect of the title. In Aion players will dive into battle and plunge through thousands of unique, story-driven quests, all while trying to save a world literally shattered in half from centuries of brutal conflict. Recently I had a chance to speak with Lani Blazier, the Community Mnger for NC Soft’s pending MMORPG, Aion.
LB: There are actually eight different classes in Aion players can choose from, but players will begin by picking one of the 4 main class archetypes.

LB: Combat in Aion is a familiar system that incorporates a few creative twists that we feel really take MMO combat to the next level. LB: Aerial combat can be a vital part of combat in the Abyss and many other locations in Aion.
There is also an Aion preorder promotion that gives players access to Aion Closed Beta events that they can partake in. The main focus of PvP in Aion will be in the Abyss, and area in which both Asmodian and Elyos have a vested interest, and each side will be fighting for control of this shared zone.

Once players learn the ropes of Aion and their selected class, at level ten they will be able to select from one of the class specializations and really get to focus and learn their chosen profession.


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