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21 Май. 2000 г.

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Today a reader sent me an e-mail about this new contest for RPG Maker games, and I wish I had time to play them all. The more I think about it, and this might just be the old-age setting in, there really aren't any distinctions of note between western RPGs and those from Japan. So, if I leave this post with anything I hope I give people a slightly different way of thinking about RPGs. As many people who really want to explore the open world there are others who want to see their decisions actually matter.

Anyone buying Football Manager RPG under the impression it's made by Sports Interactive is in for a shock. Even in a genre not noted for its flourishes, Football Manager RPG is very basic: composed entirely of multiple-choice screens and devoid of anything as bourgeois as audio. Still, Football Manager RPG feels like playing a prototype – the most appalling example of this is having to start a new game each time to access your save. It's sponsored in part by Humble Bundle, and it's already full of tons and tons of indie RPGs that you can download and play right now.

They're almost always free, and if you do enough digging, you can find some really cool indie RPGs out there. Football Manager RPG is more interesting than good, a smart but seriously flawed simulation for the curious only.


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