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14 Сен. 1998 г.

Rift mmorpg

So compliments of a fellow member of a local tech forum who keeps us updated on all the latest MMORPGs whether mainstream, unrecognized or in development I learned about Rift several months ago and due to the same person I recevied access to a beta key for the 5th or 6th beta. So after starting the game and choosing your faction just like in MMORPGs fashion you go on to choose your race and then your class here is possibly where Rift will shine if not shine brightly due to its approach to its class system. So after one chooses factions, race and class we jump in game to be greeted by the usual tutorial system that teaches you the basic and is also triggered by certain actions or events to explain to you whats going on, another thing Rift has done to set it self apart from other MMORPGs is that it has features built into its system that one would usually go to a 3rd party and dowload a mod to gain. Overall Rift seems to have a lot of potential in both the PvE and PvP aspects but I personally like control over my game play to quest when I want, instance when I want, pvp when I want and this whole almost force feed aspect with the random rifts can get tiresome after awhile expecially if you quest alone or the rifts are on a level that may in some cases block of a location you are trying to get to and attempting to pass through that rift is basically suicide. There is a rich and deep story line to explore in Rift, far more than I can outline here so I will keep this to just the Defiant and Guardian goals and philosophies. Knight's Fable is a free to play fantasy MMORPG, promising all the great features players love.
I was at level 14 managed to make it into sanctum when a giant level 20 rift opened up and the mobs went straight for the city, ahhh so exciting!!! I just love this game and I quit playing WoW 4 months ago after 3 years, and now seeing what rift is all about and playing in the beta its re sparked myself to come back and play a mmorpg again. You may not post new threads You may not post replies You may not post attachments You may not edit your posts BB code is On Smilies are On [IMG] code is On HTML code is Off Trackbacks are Off Pingbacks are Off Refbacks are On Code of Conduct -- RIFT -- RIFT: NIGHTMARE TIDE Contact Us RIFT Community Archive Privacy Statement Terms of Use Top All times are GMT -8.

I often use to find it some what foolish why some classes had generalized names while some had specific names meaning, why have a Warrior Class, a Paladin Class and or a Barbarian Class in essence a Paladin & a Barbarian are jut two different versions of a Warrior Class so what Rift has done is to create a what you could call class generalization and then under that generalization are several branches of that said class. Also on the matter of maps Rift has a what it would seem to be a dynamic map that actively shows changes as they occur so if a rift is opening you see the animation at the location where the rift is and if an invasion of some sort is taking place you can actually see the invasion moving across the map in real time.
If one is not particularly keen of their surroundings a rift can literally open above you or a group of people and then one finds themselves suddenly surrounded by NPCs of that specific rift which are usually elemental related water, fire etc…. Community Blog Advanced Search Forum General Discussions General Discussion My first Beta in any mmorpg ever!!!
Then comes the perks from the event, the longer you’ve been in the rift the better goodies you get!
Rifts are amazingly detailed and I love the wave of mobs and how the rift events are designed.
If you want to get rare gear you have to hit the rifts because the essences and planarite you turn in for better equipment. This weakening of the ward is the cause if the Rifts being able to penetrate through to Telara.
Either because players take matters into their own hands and force them open, giving them a strategic advantage and some measure of control over which rift might open, or if left unchecked they can spontaneously open on their own.

It was important to zero in on a world and story that would support what we wanted to do as far as game play and would make sense for a world as dynamic as we wanted Rift to be.
Out of these Rifts invasions will be launched that will head to various points across Telara more often than not important locations, that they will attempt to take over.
We explored many avenues before we decided on the theme of Rift, but once that direction was settled and we all agreed it supported the game play we wanted, our amazing lore team was able to create a rich and detailed world around the concepts that the design team came up with. Just what I’ve been looking for in a mmorpg I’ve always wanted 40 man raids taking down one giant world monster and rift events deliver it for sure!
The Guardians believe the Defiant are as much of a danger to the world as the Rifts themselves. This dynamic balance of power really drives the social aspect of Rift and there are many strategies that players can employ, especially taking advantage of the fact that the various planes hate each other almost as much as they want to take over Telara.


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