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10 Июл. 2003 г.

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Aimed at MMORPG players seeking the ultimate gaming experience, ‘Life Is Feudal’ is scheduled to be available as a playable ALPHA by the end of 2013, while a BETA release including more content and additional features is scheduled for a 2014 release, pending the outcome of the ongoing crowdfunding campaign. MMORPG-LIFE NETWORK Swtor Spy Star Wars The Old Republic database, guides, walkthrough with screenshots.
Wired News reports that the vendor behind the Chinese MMORPG King of the World is cracking down on male players who choose to use female avatars in-game. If in character creation you have to prove your gender via webcam… A mmorpg world filled with 95% male characters running around harassing the few female character with crude sexual comments as per the norm of lonely fat single men.

Bitbox, an independent game developer based in Moscow, is seeking funds through indiegogo to finish its medieval-themed sandbox MMORPG Life is Feudal.
The team is asking for €200,000 to fund the sandbox MMORPG, with stretch goals that add a more complex ecosystem, furnitures and decorative items for player housing, a naval transportation and combat system and more. Everyone on our team are highly experienced gamers, and we just can’t get enough of hardcore MMORPG games! The quality of our current game is a testament to our commitment and love for what we do, and if anyone doubts that a start-up team can accomplish the impossible and build a large and vast MMORPG, check out LIFE IS FEUDAL!

For the past 3 years we have worked very hard and diligently on putting together the most impressive PC Sandbox MMORPG.
Being huge MMORPG fans, and being fans of medieval-themed titles, a realistic medieval scenario was an easy choice for us as a setting.


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