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12 Авг. 2010 г.

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As people continue to upgrade their PCs to Microsoft Windows 8, more and more developers are adding content to the Windows Store. The puzzle game boasts the same features as the iOS version, but as compared to the App Store, the Windows Store offers it at absolutely no cost, with future updates to be available for free too.
While the offerings are not as vast as Google Play or the iTunes App Store, it does have some solid apps for both productive users and those looking to just while away the time.One of the best things about the Windows Store is the ease of installing and uninstalling apps. The fact the solitaire doesn't come included in Windows 8 is a shame, but nevertheless, it was my first search in the windows store.

But once again, this awesome game was omitted from later versions of Microsoft's operating systems.However, there is a game slightly less awesome (but still tons of fun) available in the Windows Store called Pinball FX2. The Windows store offers one of the most aesthetically pleasing tower defense games I've seen called Radiant Defense.Radiant Defense takes the class tower defense method and boosts the graphics and adds a sweet soundtrack to play to. The new Windows 8 version of the classic has a bunch of new modes and challenges that make it very fun.
Leave the ones you like and quickly uninstall the rest, though, it's only something you should do for free apps—especially free games.I've been playing some of the freebie games in the Windows Store for a while now, and here are the 10 that I've liked enough to keep.


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