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15 Июн. 2003 г.

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In this two-part list we’ll look at ten upcoming action role-playing games that every fan of the genre should pay attention to.
Now I love dungeon crawler RPGs but I’m starting to see an issue here: All of these games look the same, if not downright identical (Save for Dungeonland). But I digress, yes there should be more settings for RPGs, but when sword and bow is so easy to use, people fall back on that.

Bound by Flame, an action role-playing game for PC, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live Arcade, is no exception. For any RPG fan with time on their hands, the 150-hour game boasts 5,000 pages of text and a dark Medieval setting in which you hunt down wicked heretics and criminals whilst battling innumerable foes. We need a good Sci-Fi RPG, and one that doesn’t used the ‘post-apocalyptic’ world we’ve seen too much of.

Since this setting was refreshing in RPG games as a whole – although the same could be said for the Fallout series.


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