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Unity 3D is poised to take over the realm of online gaming, filling the niche between fast and easy Flash games and complex, installation-required PC games. Another fantastic off-road racing game from AGame, Offroad Rage has beautiful graphics, distinct maps and fast-paced game play that will leave you wanting more no matter how often you play it. This is another game with a foreign language implementation, but the language of fast cars is universal. Hoping to close the graphics quality gap with game tool makers that focus on console-quality graphics, Unity Technologies is launching a new version of its game engine that powers online games and iPhone apps. The new version of the Unity 3D technology means that online games and iPhone games will start to look a little bit more like console games with high-end graphics. The new version of Unity supports the Substance technology from French tool-maker Allegorithmic. We’ll be exploring the most disruptive game technologies and business models at our third annual GamesBeat 2011 conference, on July 12-13 at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco.

It is a small, Unity 3D based version of an entire line of realistic driving simulator games that are incredibly popular in Germany, among other areas. It’s more beautiful seen in higher resolution, and your turret aim is done via the mouse, making it incredibly easy to click outside the game and lose your lead in seconds. The image from the game ShadowGun above shows that Unity’s 3D quality is pretty good.
That technology lets a developer create pieces of game art, known as textures, semi-automatically.
We can't hope to list all of the many thousands of apps made with Unity, but we've hand-picked a few. If you like games where you control a car, whether it’s racing, off-road or stunt driving, this list has something for you.
But it’s still not quite as good as some of the best graphics you see in games such as the upcoming Battlefield 3.

Games built with Unity can display decent quality 3D graphics, for both online and iPhone games. Raptor Safari is a game about scoring points in as many brutal, spectacular ways as possible.
It’s a long time before Unity gets there, said David Helgason, chief executive of Unity, but he said this is a step in the right direction. The number of games using Unity is perhaps 2,000 or so on the iPhone and more than 12,000 on the web.


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