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Рейтинг rpg 2014

The RPG is one of the most prominent video game genres around, surpassed only by the likes of the first-person shooter and the MOBA. Thankfully, even first-person shooters can be RPGs these days as games skirt the boundaries of genres without so much as giving a fuck about what these genres are supposed to entail.
With that in mind, the year of 2014 is filled with RPGs that we are sorely looking forward to playing, some of which happen to be along the action-y side of things, which cause us to outright question the very definition of what an RPG means. We'll leave these debates to those who care and take a look instead at the role-playing games and games with strong RPG elements worth playing this coming year.
The PlayStation 4 will have a new exclusive in the shape of Capcom Online’s Deep Down, a new free to play fantasy online RPG. Apparently it’s been inspired by popular old-school RPGs like FF6 and Chrono Trigger, making me kinda giddy.
It’s unclear just when in 2014 Iron Galaxy will have Borderlands 2 fit for shipping on Vita, and it’s equally unclear if it will connect to the PS3 version of the game.
There are a few games on our Top 30 Vita Games of 2014 list that aren’t yet confirmed for western release, but we’ve included them because there’s a good chance they’ll ultimately be localized.

Without further ado, these are the smartest, best-looking, and most immersive RPGs you’ll find in Google Play right now. For those that want the multiplayer RPG experience but are looking for something a bit more lightweight than Order & Chaos, Arcane Legends is great. Battleheart is an action RPG that set a new standard for touch-friendly controls, and spawned many imitators. Battleheart is a charming, challenging RPG with a control scheme you’ll quickly fall in love with. Come to Battleloot Adventure for the charming art style, but stay for the rewarding RPG action. Galaxy on Fire 2 is a sci-fi RPG that has players blasting through a beautifully-rendered universe.
The Banner Saga is a fun and just simply beautiful tactical RPG that has you take command of a horde of vikings out to slay other vikings.
One such game is Freedom Wars, a game under development at Sony’s Japan Studio, set for release exclusively on Vita (in Japan, for now) later in 2014.

NIS’ American branch regularly releases PlayStation-exclusive RPGs that very much cater to a niche audience, and with Demon Gaze from Kadokawa Games, NIS strives to continue the trend unabated.
Like the aforementioned CounterSpy, if the game is fixed and lives up to its potential, it could be one of Vita’s surprise hits in 2014. If anything, Demon Gaze promises to be an engaging, action-oriented RPG that found a bit of popularity in Japan when it launched there last year.
Freedom Wars looks like one of Vita’s most promising exclusives in 2014, and we’re eagerly awaiting word of its localization.


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