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25 Дек. 1999 г.

Tera online us

En Masse Entertainment has just opened up registration for closed beta testing for TERA, the online action MMO. Here’s the Gamescom trailer for MMORPG TERA, the action MMO that really takes action games online.
Publisher En Masse Entertainment has announced that the action MMO, TERA, is scheduled for a Spring 2012 release. The Korean Tera's next big update info was released recently over on hangame, shamefully it's all in korean, but thanks to google translate, I've done my best to get the most out of the info that I can to make sence out of, so, lets get started!

Much like EVE Online's highly successful PLEX system, Chrono Scrolls will allow in-game gold to be spent to buy real world playing time. It’s the anticipated upcoming action MMO, and one year later, we get an announcement from En Masse Entertainment that TERA is finally getting a release date for the North American PC market, which is May 1, 2012. From simple things like completing quests to killing TERA's Big Ass Monsters, (BAMs) the game will launch with a plethora of challenges for the achievement hunter in all of us. They've done extensive testing with 360 controller mapping and I for one am very interested in seeing how TERA plays with a controller in the long term.

Crisp was created to develop proprietary technology that would deal with the issue of accurately spotting online behavior. They wanted to polish TERA as much as possible for harsh western critics before launch so they went ahead and rewrote every quest in the game.


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