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This guide will outline the general steps you should be taking if you are interested in creating an RPG (Role-playing Game), specifically in RPG Maker XP, also known as RMXP, a program from the Japanese company Enterbrain.
If you are creating sub-maps that are meant to exist within other maps, for example, a small cave in a forest, make it a sub-map of the forest by right clicking the bigger map and creating the smaller map from that, rather than from the world map.
If they don’t have it installed, you will need to include the audio and graphics folders along with the compressed data, which will make the file you’re sending much bigger.When your recipient wants to run the game, they just need to double-click the “Game” file.
Unfortunately, Ara Fell is missing the thing that could make the most of this mode: an excellent story. You may notice that the download will come with two items: The RPG maker itself and the RTP (Run-time package) file.

The reason for doing map making as your next step is that it will help you to better visualize your world. It’s a nice feature, though the battles are simple and straightforward enough (with one extremely annoying exception) that I never felt the need to make use of it.
Much like the first step above, getting everything out on paper will give you not only a much better idea of how you’re going to go about making the rest of your game, but also make the process far easier, because you’ll just be copying and pasting from the script into the dialogue boxes. There are many tutorials on the official site as well as many forums devoted to everything RPG Maker that do a far better job than this article would.
You make maps using “tilesets”, which are picture files that have a large variety of different objects and environments within them that are separated by the game maker into a grid.

Make sure to go through everything with a fine-toothed comb because bugs are everywhere, and very easy to miss.
It will make the actual implementation process far easier if you’re working off of a solid outline rather than coming up with things on the fly as you go. It’s also worth mentioning that you can utilize three layers with which to make your map, especially useful for making walls, ceilings, and just anything that you want to be above ground.


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